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Agility competition EOJ 2016 will be held at the Čilistov (near Šamorín) in areal of Elements resort (Hippo aréna), in horse hall with sand of top quality.

GPS: N 48.0159225, E 17.3014712

Web page of Elements resort: www.elementsresort.sk


Elements Resort, Čilistov

The competition area provides sufficient capacity for accommodation: hotel, area for caravans and tents, enough parking lots, sanitary facilities on the highest rank, restaurant as well as fast food stands.
Two courses will be in the main hall measuring 46x80m. Grandstand is on one of the longer sides of the hall. Tables with chairs can be found on one of the shorter sides of the hall. Neighbouring hall (connected with the main hall) will be available for training and warming up before the competition. Stables (cubicles), that are part of the main hall, will be available for each representation.
Both halls have very firm first-quality sand. The restaurant is approx 100m far from the main hall.


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