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Agility European Open Junior 2016

7. - 10. 7. 2016

Čilistov (pri Šamoríne), Slovensko



Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear youth Agility family,


a warm welcome to all of you at the JEO Agility 2016 in Čilistov at the Hippo arena. This is a very special place.


On behalf of the board of the FCI Agility Commission I want to welcome the parents and trainers of the kids und juniors who made it possible to have more than 450 starters this time. We are sure that you all will keep your fingers crossed for your "special starter".


Of course, everyone wants to win the title in their respective class or category. Winning a title is both a wonderful feeling and the reward for your intensive training with the dog. But it is also important to be part of the JEO and to use this opportunity here to maintain friendships, get in contact with others and communicate with each other.


We are happy to say that Agility has great future prospects. The high number of entries from 24 countries in this international event shows this as clearly as the growing number of kids/juniors who are playing Agility worldwide. Today, we can welcome not only participants from Europe but also from Canada and USA. This is certainly the result of our good promotion of this event.


I hope that the nominated judges will see the chances and requirements of such an international event and the starters will enjoy their courses. We also expect a sporty and fair behavior of both participants and spectators. All this will ensure that the atmosphere at the JEO will be wonderful and this great event will later turn into a good memory for all of us, so that we can transport the spirit of Agility all over the world.


We all need to thank the Slovakian Kennel Club for being the host of this important international event and all the volunteers for the great amount of work they put into the event in advance and during the JEO.


I also want to say a big thank you to our sponsors who allow us to make this a very special event for all of us.


I am sure, we will see excellent Agility and we will have fun together.


Christa Bremer


FCI Agility Commission





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